TAV BRAZVAC TBHA 4x20-65-127


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Hot zone (WxHxL): (4x200)x650x1270 mm

Max temperature: 630 °C

Charge: 250 kg

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TAV VACUUM FURNACES TAV BRAZVAC TBHA 4x20-65-127 | Gebrauchte Vakuumöfen

The horizontal high vacuum furnace with gas cooling, represents the most advanced for the brazing of aluminum-alloy heat exchangers, adapting to the most varied charge and part geometries.
Thanks to the particular geometry of the chamber and of the resistors, the exchanger packs are each allocated with both sides exposed to the thermal flow of resistors of high radiant surface. This allows fast cycles and uniform heating.


Size (WxHxL): 4.5x3.5x6.5 m

Hot zone (WxHxL): (4x200)x650x1270 mm

Max temperature: 630 °C

Charge: 250 kg

Final vacuum: 1E-6 mbar

Operating vacuum: 1E-4÷1E-6 mbar

Max cooling pressure: 0.9 bar


The cycle is automatic and does not require operator supervision.
The temperatures and pressures can be pre-fixed with great precision.
When the charge has reached the brazing temperature and has remained there for the time necessary to obtain a complete melting at the surfaces to be coupled, the furnace carries out a first natural cooling step under vacuum and a second step (using nitrogen) at a maximum pressure of O.9 bar ABS.

The geometrical configuration of the resistor and of the thermal chamber was designed to obtain high heat exchange rates and great temperature uniformity.
The hot zone is made of a robust metal structure, designed in such a way as not to undergo permanent deformations due to thermal effect and at the same time drastically limiting the heat loss toward the outside.

The emptying time of the system is extremely fast due to the large sizing of the pumping unit.

The furnace does not radiate heat to the outside and can be installed in a conditioned environment.
It uses electrical power only when required.
It does not cause environmental pollution either in the atmosphere or in the wastewater.

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