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Cofi SV 80/120/40



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Hot zone (WxHxL): 800x1200x400 mm

Max temperature: 1100 °C

Charge: 800 kg

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Cofi Cofi SV 80/120/40 | Б/у вакуумные печи

If you’re looking for a vacuum furnace that can be delivered quickly, then you might want to consider the following. The vacuum furnace is a highly advanced furnace that is designed for vacuum heat treatments such as quenching, tempering, annealing, solubilization, aging, etc.
The vacuum furnace is also a good solution for vacuum brazing.

It can accommodate a wide range of geometries of the charge and of the pieces, including high-speed steels, tool steels for hot and cold machining, and stainless steels.


Size (WxHxL): 3x3x5 m

Hot zone (WxHxL): 800x1200x400 mm

Max temperature: 1100 °C

Charge: 800 kg

Final vacuum: 1E-2 mbar

Operating vacuum: 1E-2 mbar

Max cooling pressure: 1 bar


This furnace has been overhauled in its main components, such as thermal chamber and control cabinet, and updated to current standards. It is an advanced and reliable solution for different heat treatment processes of small charges up to 800 kg. The furnace is suitable for small loads and allows for quick treatments and emergencies.

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