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TAV Dualjet TPH 200


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Hot zone (WxHxL): 450x350x700 mm

Max temperature: 1350 °C

Charge: 200 kg

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TAV VACUUM FURNACES TAV Dualjet TPH 200 | Б/у вакуумные печи

This furnace represents an advanced solution for the heat processes as it is suited to various materials to be treated and to many different types of charge and piece geometry.
The heating up of the charge may be applied either in vacuum or with partial pressure of inert gas.
This is made possible by an automatic system that regulates the vacuum within the range from 0.05 to 1 mbar at the pre-set level, introducing a gaseous nitrogen flow.
The cooling of the charge can be achieved either in middle vacuum or by forced gas convection.

The vacuum furnace is suitable for hardening and tempering vacuum heat treatments, single crystal solution treatment, ageing, annealing, brazing and sintering.


Size (WxHxL): 4.5x3.5x5 m

Hot zone (WxHxL): 450x350x700 mm

Max temperature: 1350 °C

Charge: 200 kg

Final vacuum: 1E-6 mbar


The construction materials, welding, vessel design together with all electrical wiring, connection and general pipe-work etc. are in line with relevant standards, NEC, NFPA, MIL-H-6875 latest revision, MIL-F-80113 latest revision (Vacuum Furnaces), OSHA2206, european standards and UW, VDl, VDE, DIN, TOV, ISPESL, (CE Mark Norm).

The work cycle is completely automatic and does not require the surveillance of manual operators.
The temperature and the pressure of the cooling gas are controlled and programmed with high precision.
The geometrical configuration of the resistor and of the thermal chamber lead to uniformity temperature.
The big power installed, the big surfaces of the elements and the large flow capacity of the cooling gas circulation fan makes it possible to widen the density of the charge. Therefore cycles become shorter and the furnace can be used more intensively.
The vacuum pump down time is rapid due to the large dimension of the pumping group.
The furnace with its water cooled double wall does not irradiate heat and can be installed in air conditioned and thermostatic controlled room without any valuable change in room temperature.
The furnace absorbs electric power only when needed.
There is no environment pollution of the atmosphere or in the discharged water.

The sealed vessel (in heavy wall carbon steel) separates the outside environment from the inside where the thermal chamber, is placed.
In the vessel all air and other gases desorbed by the surfaces (water vapors, etc.) are evacuated until the operative vacuum level is reached.

The hot zone consists in a horizontal strong frame made of stainless steel with front and rear cover, that can support the heavy weight of the charge and the basket, the heating elements and the insulation, constructed in such a way that no permanent heat deformation is possible.
The front cover is fixed on the door. The hot zone rests on moveable supports that allow easy extraction of the frame for inspection and maintenance.
The insulation is made by a special board of graphite (panels) that reduce drastically the energy losses. The panels are fixed to the structure by molybdenum pins.
The rigid graphite board is protected from the violent flow of the gas by a flexible graphite foil.

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