That’s the best time to upgrade!

While relocating we can to bring your industrial equipment up to current standards.

Comprehensive setup packages

When it comes to relocating industrial machinery and equipment, you deserve a dependable partner that can get the job done thoroughly. Regardless of size or industry, your relocation begins with exact budget planning, a very tightly calculated project time schedule as well as the testing of equipment before it starts operating again.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Costs, risks, deadlines. Packing and moving your industrial machinery can turn into a challenging endeavor without planning activities. Whether it's the move and reconfiguration of a single machine or multiple machinery removals, a successful relocation starts from an overall plan of action.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Reduced downtime

Reduced downtime

Timely relocation and installation assembly services are critical to avoid unnecessary disruption to your daily working life. An engineering and design-based approach is essential to successful outage planning, scheduling and work execution.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Equipment upgrade

Equipment upgrade

If a device is idle, turn its downtime into profitable uptime through revamping with the complete overhaul of electrical/electromechanical components and/or the installation of operating system updates – to speed up processes and improve production quality!

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Education on site

Education on site

Having received correct training is essential for operators to assure reliable operation. A practical on-site training benefits your entire staff, thereby assuring that operations are run efficiently, to the highest quality and safety standards, and in a cost-effective manner.

Why rely on us

TAVENGINEERING is familiar with industrial machinery installation and equipment removal projects. Thanks to a solid expertise in both large- and small-scale installations, we won't miss a beat. Our staff is expertly trained and has profound technical knowledge in handling large, heavy and/or sensitive equipment and setting up different operational units.

Turnkey installations

Relocation is planned jointly with the customer in order to avoid long waiting periods or downtime as well as unnecessary costs. Our qualified technicians will work quickly and efficiently performing accurate planning as well as the start-up and commissioning of industrial equipment to ensure its optimum functionality.

Accurate layout design

Any installation project requires an eye for details, careful scheduling and close control to ensure it stays on track the entire time. We will spend time with you to understand your needs, and ensure risks are properly managed to avoid becoming issues. At TAVENGINEERING, we make sure you will run your industrial equipment on time and on budget.

Industrial machinery checkup

While relocating, relieve future anxiety about downtime. Relocation could turn into the retrofitting measure to avoid premature wear, loss of accuracy or unexpected failure. We provide services like repair/refurbishment, operation tests for industrial furnaces, heat treatment equipment and vacuum welding chambers – no matter which brand you are using.

Quickly back into production

With TAVENGINEERING your industrial equipment can be used reliably again once it has been relocated. Our technical experts will supervise and perform tests or inspections to verify the machine's efficiency and integrity, and to confirm that the instrument fits the specifications required.

Optimize your equipment setup

Ensure yourself a fast and trouble free installation.