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Become an expert on industrial furnaces and vacuum heat treatments

Your vacuum furnace can never run at peak performance unless the workforce is fully trained and technically competent. For your business, staff training means operating without making mistakes or slowing processes while lowering maintenance and operating costs. In short, better training means better productivity!

Fundamentals in vacuum technologies

Fundamentals in vacuum technologies

This beginner course presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of staff directly involved in the operation and maintenance of the vacuum furnace. Among the topics are safety, vacuum pumping systems, and leakage detection. Very useful for those who are not confident with industrial furnaces and vacuum heat treatments.

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Advanced applications and uses

Advanced applications and uses

This course provides advanced knowledge about vacuum furnaces applications. It is suitable for the engineering team performing the tasks of supervision, direction, and control. Among the topics are safety, programming instruments, components rigging, and metallurgy. Class-based lessons will be followed by a practical training.

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On site training classes

On site training classes

Training can be delivered directly at the client's site, allowing you to benefit from your machines and your staff's know-how to the maximum. Customized training courses will give participants first-hand experience while enabling them to undertake fault diagnosis, repair and calibration of the systems.

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Do you need a training course tailored on your needs?

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Why train with us

TAVENGINEERING offers more than just an excellent education: it shares its expertise to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment and operations. From "off-the-shelf" courses to personalized ones, we combine theory with hands-on training – for genuine skill development. Our technical training will cover all the main aspects tied to furnace equipment and vacuum technology.

Rapidly from theory to practice

Training, you should run this command every time you set-up a new asset, to ensure that your equipment would "give its best" from day one. Thanks to our extensive hands-on training, you will cope perfectly with critical issues or problems related to safety and operational efficiency.

Maintain the equipment yourself

Properly trained technicians can be extremely effective in quickly troubleshooting, thus helping field personnel meet their deadlines. Empower your team to maintain the equipment in excellent working condition. Training allows you to prevent future problems and expensive repairs.

Better quality and efficency

Tasks can be performed far quicker if employees know what they're doing. Providing them with regular, worthwhile training programs reduce the time, money and resources needed to rectify mistakes. Improved performance can reduce costs and boost your customer satisfaction and profits.

Customized to your expertise

Industrial equipment training designed specifically for your staff can provide your organization with essential next-generation skills – bringing a host of business benefits. With decades of ad hoc training experience, TAVENGINEERING will help you reinforce the skills and competence necessary to manage your furnace efficiently.

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