Vacuum Welding Chambers

  • High quality welds
  • Excellent vacuum tightness
  • Optional automated arm
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Vacuum Welding Chambers

Vacuum Welding Chambers


Why choose a vacuum welding chamber

For applications in which aesthetics count or X-Ray-quality welds are required, the reliability of this technology is vital. An inert atmosphere is a perfect environment for welding tungsten, titanium or any air sensitive material. Nowadays, a vacuum welding chamber makes an educated choice to achieve optimum properties and surface finishes – for clean bright welds every time!

Vacuum Welding Chambers | Oxygen sensitive materials

Oxygen sensitive materials

Many welded metal components must comply with X-Ray quality inspection before they are put into service. Welding in inert atmosphere prevents defects due to air contamination and embrittlement. It is ideal for reactive metals used most notably in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Vacuum Welding Chambers | Automated welding

Automated welding

If your needs include high precision and repeatability, you can opt for our automated welding arm that will reduce to zero the process scrap while increasing performance. The user-friendly computer system offers complete control to the automated welding process, thanks to an easy to use multi-axis programming interface.

Vacuum Welding Chambers | Rapid pre-welding cycles

Rapid pre-welding cycles

Whenever cleanliness is required, vacuum welding machine is the solution. More specifically, a protective gas (Argon) shields the weld puddle from the atmosphere and protects the weld from contamination to secure corrosion resistance. And there's more: with faster and better pre-welding cycles, you can save in overall time and costs.

Vacuum Welding Chambers | Ergonomic work area

Ergonomic work area

Keep yourself safe is imperative. This is especially true when it comes to weld chambers. Buying appropriate equipment with generous, all-round visibility and well laid out controls is the first step for hassle-free work environment. Ergonomics means you can get work started straight away.

Unlimited tailored solutions

If the standard options do not fit your specific needs, custom engineered solutions can be designed to meet your requirements. The needs can be characterized for example by usable dimensions, vacuum levels, space ergonomics and anything necessary to promote uptime, production values and cost-efficiency.

Easy to use control panel

An intuitive, user-friendly control system makes programming easy, provides real-time control of settings and production statistics. To be successful, make innovation the new normal. Automation ensures consistently stable results, optimal repeatability and perfect match to your specifications.

Why buy from us

Your benefit is our background of decades of experience in the field of vacuum technologies and systems, combined with advanced process knowledge in applications with an increasing demand for excellence. We can provide turnkey solutions as well as after sales services, scheduled maintenance and remote-assistance.

The best vacuum tightness

To be acceptable to an industry as safety critical as aerospace, a number of performance criteria must be determined for welding process. For applications where leak-tightness is essential, enjoy using our welding chambers to meet all requirements and production rates.

Automatic purging cycles

Mistakes in gas purging lead to qualitatively unacceptable results. With our automated cycles you can obtain stable and high speed performance, reducing your risks for weld defects. Be assured, your parts will be weld in perfect vacuum/inert atmosphere.

Reduced gas consumption

To deliver the best reliability consistently, preparation is essential. It means to ensure an accurate pressure control of purge gas. Thanks to automation systems in pre-welding cycles, not only will you troubleshoot gas contamination issues, but you will also optimize the purging process, thus saving on gas costs.


To prevent any type of contamination and oxidation, our vacuum welding chambers are equipped with airlocks that allow loading and unloading of the material without emptying the whole system. When it comes to joining parts, TAVENGINEERING technologies allow faster welding speeds and greater production rates.

Technical details

Here are just a few samples of the available specifications.
Many alternative dimensions and unlimited custom sulutions are available.

Welding chamber
Model Pre-welding cycles Operating vacuum (mbar) Operating gas pressure (bar abs) Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Work volume (m3) Automated welding arm
TiCube > 4 700 - 800 1 1000 750 1000 ~0.6
TiGlobe 1 1E-1 ÷ 1E-2 1 1000 Ø 800 -- ~1.5
TiAuto 1 1E-1 ÷ 1E-2 1 1500 1500 1500 ~1.5 X

(alternative dimensions and custom solutions available)

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Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in our vacuum welding chambers?
Please, read the answers to frequently asked questions about our products.

It is the ideal solution if you need to weld oxygen-sensitive materials. Vacuum welding machine increases operating efficiency, drastically reducing pre-welding cycle times, gas consumption and the risk of oxidation.

Thanks to a software installed on the control panel, the pre-welding cycles are optimized and the inert gas costs are reduced to a minimum.

Maximum delivery time for vacuum welding chambers is 4 months.

Remote diagnostics and support as well as being on-site within the shortest possible time are tasks we set and stand for in order to help you with any problems you may have.

We strive for sustainability through cost-effective, energy efficient and lower emission technologies. Our vacuum welding chambers are green machines as we are using ultrahigh purity inert gases, such as Argon (commonly found in the earth's atmosphere).

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