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Boost your old industrial equipment

Modernizing industrial machinery is more than just upgrading technologies – it's about solving your biggest, most nagging challenges. Revamping of existing machines to improve efficiency can also generate new revenue streams, competitive differentiation, investment protection, and lower costs for their maintenance contracts.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | No more unplanned downtimes

No more unplanned downtimes

When machinery breaks down, everything from your productivity to your bottom line is disrupted. Retrofitting older industry equipment with modern, proven technology can reduce the risk of unplanned outages, improving the system reliability. A lower investment cost than having to replace outdated equipment with new machines.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Get top performances

Get top performances

Over time, even small changes in your operations can erode efficiency as outdated equipment and firmware can slow down the entire workflow. Update and renew industrial stuff mean good operation, reliability, compliance with laws and regulations, while keeping energy, maintenance, and scrap costs low.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

No matter what you need – reducing emissions, energy costs, or material waste – modernization and refurbishment projects play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of products and increasing the energy efficiency of your processes.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment | Maximize your return on investment

Maximize your return on investment

A thorough retrofit goes beyond the optimization of equipment. Appropriate upgrades to your industrial equipment can significantly lower maintenance and spare part costs, with long-term benefits including improved productivity, cost savings and longer machine lifetime.

Why rely on us

TAVENGINEERING has the experience and the technical expertise to assist you for any retrofit project. We renew, refurbish or rebuild all makes of industrial furnaces and vacuum welding chambers. Thanks to our stringent quality standards, we carry out retrofit and upgrade services through extensive checks of industrial machinery and equipment "under the bonnet" including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Long experienced engineering staff

Our technical competence is the result of people who work diligently every day. We are a team of highly skilled experts, with interdisciplinary knowledge, future oriented technologies and a strong track record of trouble-free performance on hundreds of retrofitted furnaces of several brands.

Continuous research on materials

Alongside with our retrofitting service, we perform advanced testing with laboratory instruments to provide assessment of risks. We strive for safety and efficiency of high temperature systems, combining functionality and design, research on materials and respect for the environment.

On site tutoring

After retrofitting, it is critical to have an expert on hand to help you understand the installation and answer the questions you may have. At TAVENGINEERING, we specialize in rebuilding industrial equipment from scratch and providing you with technical advice to ensure proper functioning.

Latest industry regulations

Quality and safety are top values for TAVENGINEERING. Whatever your needs, the compliance with the current regulations is guaranteed. Our deep technical knowledge combines perfectly with your industrial furnace, regardless of brand or type.

Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in upgrading or retrofitting your industrial equipment?
Please, read the answers to frequently asked questions about vacuum furnaces, water quenching furnaces and vacuum welding chambers overhauling and rebuilding.

Obsolete machine control systems can be replaced with a new one and sometimes an upgrade, whenever possible, may be a cost-effective solution with minimal downtime.
Our long experience has already allowed us to integrate latest generation control systems even with the most dated furnaces.

A preliminary analysis is carried out to assess the current conditions of your equipment in order to identify the technical improvements that need to be made for maximum yield.
After that, we will provide a quote for the renovation of the unit or provide an alternative solution to replace it with a new or reconditioned and guaranteed machinery.

For any problems or critical issues, we happily offer telephone support and assistance. In some cases, it is also possible the upgrade of the industrial machinery in order to control it remotely.

Yes, we do. We can either exchange a used machine for a new one, or buy it.

We should investigate two technical aspects before we can proceed with any changes that become necessary: the instrumentation and the thermal chamber. Call us for more information.

Yes, of course!
It is possible to update the control system based on the class to which the furnace belongs. In some cases, the on-board instruments or probes will be updated and revised to make sure your industrial furnace operates within the specified tolerances.

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