Water Quenching Furnaces

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Water Quenching Furnaces

Water Quenching Furnaces


Why choose a water quenching furnace

Rapid cooling of several industrial materials, such as titanium and aluminum alloys, is a challenge for high-precision manufacturing processes. To guarantee top-quality in terms of fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, precision fits, selecting a water quenching furnace helps make your job a successful one.

Automatism repeatability and reliability

Leave no room for variation or manual handling errors. Automation is the main driver to integrate heat treatment and quenching into one controllable operation. This ensures that you can achieve the most accurate results and the predefined throughput on a reproducible basis. Where precision and part-to-part consistency are required, this furnace is an excellent candidate.

Rapid cooling

Rapid cooling

The transfer of the component from the furnace to the solution bath should be as rapid as possible in order to retain the mechanical properties. The best way to get fast temperature reduction done in the shortest amount of time is with the automatic extraction of workloads. Automation ensures consistently stable results and optimal repeatability.

Total operation safety

Total operation safety

When things are done manually, there is a big risk for human errors. We know how important it is to keep your personnel and equipment safe. A highly automated quenching furnace provides total protection against any hazards associated with operation. Place safety first in environments where equipment creates potential hazards.

Why buy from us

At TAVENGINEERING, we don't skimp on quality. Our water quenching furnaces are the result of months of laboratory tests and complies with the strictest regulations in terms of process control and safety. We stand behind our products which are designed and manufactured using high-grade materials and components.

Single operator management

Your starting point doesn't matter. Our machine has been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, so that only one operator is required to load and run the water quench furnace. An easy-to-use interface means minimizing management costs as you no longer have to carry out time-consuming procedures.

Precise repeatability of the process

Our water hardening furnace enables high volume production with repeatable quality standards. Automation indeed provides the exact combination of temperature and holding time, thus ensuring precise ramp rate. On this basis, heat treating process, such as annealing and tempering, can be reproducible. So, even the most sensitive metals are safe.

Double tank for cooling liquids

After the heat treatment process has ended, the workload will automatically move to quenching tanks. Depending on the material/application, the cooling process is performed by using water or polymer substances. Our advanced technology is eager to embrace your challenges and give you the industry's most flexible solutions.

Industry 4.0

Our water quenching furnace is versatile and future-oriented. After programming, it can operate independently, reporting to an IoT-connected system that allows you to have the right information in place at the right time. Here, at TAVENGINEERING, we know how to combine innovation and precision, reliability and performance.

Technical details

Here are just a few samples of the available specifications.
Many alternative dimensions and unlimited custom sulutions are available.

Hot zone
Model Max. temperature (°C) Max. delay time (sec.) Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Work volume (m3) Max. gross load (kg) Connected load (KVA)
WQ4 650 650 6 400 400 600 96 90 40
WQ4 900 900 6 400 400 600 96 90 45
WQ4 1100 1100 6 400 400 600 96 90 50
WQ5 650 650 6 500 500 700 175 100 50
WQ5 900 900 6 500 500 700 175 100 55
WQ5 1100 1100 6 500 500 700 175 100 60

(alternative dimensions and custom solutions available)

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Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in our water quenching furnaces?
Please, read the answers to frequently asked questions about our products.

It is the ideal solution for hardening heat treatment of aluminum, titanium or other materials which need to be cooled at a sufficiently rapid rate.

Maximum delivery time for water quenching furnaces is 6 months.

Alike all TAVENGINEERING solutions, the control system is very user-friendly. We provide basic product training so that you can familiarize yourself with an incredibly intuitive interface.

We guarantee conformity to requirements of the AMS certification.

Sustainability is part of everything we do at TAVENGINEERING.
Our water quenching furnaces are green machines as we are using inert gases commonly found in the earth's atmosphere.

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