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Courses and Training

TAVENGINEERING offers worldwide the benefit of its experience in matters pertaining to safety and vacuum technology, through a number of customized courses.

Training services, seminars and tailored courses

TAVENGINEERING provides education services at its offices or on site at Customers premises.
Training classes on maintenance and operating procedures on ovens and furnaces as well as fundamentals and in depth lessons on vacuum technology, can be tailored both for engineering staff and for those who are not confident with the involved physical aspects.
At the end of each course a certification will be released.

TAVENGINEERING runs also the following two seminars.

Fundamentals in Vacuum Technology

Audience profile

Staff involved with the mechanical and electrical maintenance, diagnostics of furnace functions and leak detection.

Learning objectives

The seminar provides basic knowledge and fundamentals concepts about vacuum technology.

Course overview

  • Basic vacuum technology
  • Different fields of application of vacuum technology
  • Principles of vacuum pumping systems
  • Instruments of vacuum measurement and diagnostics
  • Working safe with vacuum technology
  • Practical applications on a vacuum furnace

Application and Use of Vacuum Furnaces

Audience profile

Engineering staff involved with the programming of heat batches, cycle parameter input, components rigging and metallurgy.

Learning objectives

The seminar provides advanced knowledge about vacuum furnaces applications.

Course overview

  • Heat treatment fundamentals
  • Vacuum applications and processes
  • Basic heat treatment parameters, temperature, time, pressure
  • Programming of heat batches and cycle parameters input
  • Component rigging
  • Interpretation of controller output messages
  • Working safe with vacuum technology
  • Practical applications on a vacuum furnace

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