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TAVENGINEERING can guarantee interventions on site for extraordinary and ordinary maintenance, on vacuum furnaces of any type and any brand. The high qualified personnel is equipped with a wide range of periodically calibrated and certified instruments, such as helium leak detectors, vacuum and temperature sensors. General and specific spare parts can be provided on demand for any sort of vacuum furnaces in the shortest time. A preventive maintenance program can be tailored for every vacuum furnace.

Products and Services - Any brand / Any model


Furnace rebuilds and retrofits

To improve the efficiency and productivity TAVENGINEERING offers to its Customers complete overhauling of any type of vacuum ovens and furnaces including:

  • water cooling closed recirculation system;
  • gas quenching and convection systems;
  • upgrading of control cabinet including hardware and software;
  • vacuum vessel;
  • vacuum pump systems repair and upgrade;
  • hot zone refurbishments and improvements.

Hot zones repairs and overhauling

TAVENGINEERING offers new designs of hot zones for all type of vacuum furnaces vertical and horizontal to improve efficiency, durability and energy savings of your furnace.
The high qualified engineers of TAVENGINEERING can study the best solution to meet the Customers needs in the design of a new hot zone or in the repair of the existing one.
All types of hot chambers all-graphite, all metal and metal graphite design.

Electrical cabinets upgrading

Computer links between the Customer and authorized after-sales service centres ensures prompt service in Italy and the rest of the world.

Leak detection

Leak Detector

TAVENGINEERING is equipped with 9 helium leak detectors of new generation for leak detection of vacuum systems carried out by trained and experienced personnel.

Vacuum pump systems

Repair and maintenance of mechanical, roots and diffusion pumps. Replacement of sleeves, valves, seals, oil refilling and/or replacements and functional tests.

Uniformity tests

TAVENGINEERING carries out uniformity tests of vacuum furnaces with tailor made fixtures to measure the temperatures at desired locations in all type of hot zones with different design and dimensions.


TAVENGINEERING is equipped with several temperature calibration instruments and vacuum instrument with calibrated vacuum gauges (Strain Gauge, Pirani, Penning) and SIT Certificates. The calibration is annually certified.


Standard products

The wide and well equipped warehouse of TAVENGINEERING is a reliable support for those who looks for standard components of vacuum furnaces in short time. It is possible to supply a spare part in 24 hours by courier ordering it within 17:00 of the same day.

  • Graphite insulation panels
  • CFC foils
  • Vacuum sensors
  • Ceramic parts
  • Seals
  • Valves

Special products

Special components can be also easily found in the TAVENGINEERING stock and supplied on request in short time.

  • Heating elements in graphite and molybdenum
  • Control and supervisory systems
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Temperature sensors

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