TAV TPHF 25/20/40 HP (10 bar)


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Hot zone (WxHxL): 250x200x400 mm

Max temperature: 1300 °C

Charge: 50 kg

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TAV VACUUM FURNACES TAV TPHF 25/20/40 HP (10 bar) | Used vacuum furnaces

An ideal solution for those who need a vacuum furnace with short delivery times, high quality and excellent performances.

Refurbished in its main components, such as graphite thermal chamber, control cabinet and updated to the current standards this furnace is an advanced and always reliable solution for different heat treatment processes of small charges up to 50 kg.

Thanks to its technical characteristics this furnace can be used flexibly for many different types of processing such as quenching, tempering, annealing, solubilization and ageing for high-speed steels and tool steels (both for hot and cold machining), stainless steels etc.
It can be applied as well for vacuum sintering of powder steels.

The system takes up little space and has reduced electricity consumption.


Size (WxHxL): 2.2x2.2x2.8 m

Hot zone (WxHxL): 250x200x400 mm

Max temperature: 1300 °C

Charge: 50 kg

Final vacuum: 1E-5 mbar

Operating vacuum: 1E-5 mbar

Max cooling pressure: 10 bar


The furnace gives the possibility, during the cooling phase, to reach a cooling pressure of max 10 bar abs with N2 (nitrogen).
The cooling direction of the gas can be easily selected from the operator panel to flow gas on the load both from bottom to top and from top to bottom or even from both directions allowing a faster cooling speed of the load temperature with high uniformity.

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