TAV TPS 20/35/20 (10 bar)

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Hot zone (WxHxL): 200x350x200 mm

Max temperature: 1600 °C

Charge: 35 kg

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TAV VACUUM FURNACES TAV TPS 20/35/20 (10 bar) | Used vacuum furnaces

The vacuum furnace TAV HM2 offers an advanced solution for heat treatments such as hardening, tempering, annealing, ageing but it is also suitable for combined cycles of dewaxing and high temperature sintering of hard metal components as well.
The furnace is equipped with a large pumping group, which allows rapid evacuation of the chamber and high operating vacuum levels.


Size (WxHxL): 4x4x4 m

Hot zone (WxHxL): 200x350x200 mm

Max temperature: 1600 °C

Charge: 35 kg

Final vacuum: 1E-3 mbar

Operating vacuum: 1E-2 mbar

Max cooling pressure: 10 bar


A closed loop gas cooling system combines high flow capacity and high pressure to guarantee a fast and uniform cooling of the load.
The installed high power and the wide surfaces of the heating elements allow fast and uniform heating ramps and shorter cycles.
The control of the equipment is complete with an advanced SCADA system.
The system consumes electric energy only when needed and pollutes neither air nor water.

The furnace is dated 2015.