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Buy a refurbished furnace!
TAVENGINEERING overhauls and upgrades used vacuum ovens and furnaces to the latest standards. The quality is guaranteed thanks to the many years of experience in the field and to a very high qualified staff. Make the most of the offer!


High pressure qunching vacuum furnace for big loads

Sold vacuum furnace


WxHxL: 5.50x3.50x7.50m
Hot zone (WxHxL): 1500x1500x1500mm
Temperature: 1300°C
Charge: 1500 kg
Final vacuum: 1E-3 mbar
Operating vacuum: 1E-2 mbar
Max cooling pressure: 6.0 bar


This furnace offers an advanced solution for vacuum heat treatment and brazing processes.

It is equipped with a large pumping group, complete with a rotary vane pump and mechanical booster pump, which allow rapid evacuation of the chamber and high operating vacuum levels. A blind flange gives the possibility to install a diffusion pump to obtain better vacuum.


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