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Buy a refurbished furnace!
TAVENGINEERING overhauls and upgrades used vacuum ovens and furnaces to the latest standards. The quality is guaranteed thanks to the many years of experience in the field and to a very high qualified staff. Make the most of the offer!


Horizontal front loading vacuum furnace model Minijet


WxHxL: 2.20x2.20x2.80m
Hot zone (WxHxL): 250x250x400mm
Temperature: 1350°C
Charge: 60 kg
Final vacuum: 1E-3 mbar
Operating vacuum: 1E-2 mbar
Max cooling pressure: 6.0 bar


An ideal solution for those who need a vacuum furnace with short delivery times. Overhauled in its main components, such as thermal chamber, control cabinet and updated to the current standards this furnace is an advanced and always reliable solution for different heat treatment processes of small charges up to 60 kg.

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